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Service Information

Reporting can be done through a personal visit, or by mail, fax, or online; telephone counseling is also available before reporting.

Services provided

  • Post Address

    ACRC Corruption & Public Interest Violation
    Report Center, 20, Doum 5-ro, Sejong-si,
    Republic of Korea 30102

  • Fax

    +82-44-200-7972 [Report Form]

  • Internet

    Clean Portal

  • Archives

    View anti-corruption related materials such as key cases on policies and reports, statistics, periodicals, and news.

  • Visit

    You can visit the ACRC office in Seoul or Sejong to submit reports.
    Our office hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday

Notes for online application for counseling / reporting

First time applicants for counseling or online reporting at Clean Portal must go through the personal authentication process. Foreigners residing in Korea must enter their Alien Registration Numbers on the Application for Counseling and Reporting page.
Personal authentication for foreigners residing in Korea is conducted based on the “database of foreigners staying in Korea for 91 days or longer” which is compiled by the Korea Immigration Service (KIS) of the Ministry of Justice.
If you don't have Alien Registration Numbers, you can't file an application.

If authentication fails, please refer to the instructions below.

  • 1. In cases when a user’s information has not been registered in KIS’s “database of foreigners staying in Korea for 91 days or longer”
    • For any foreigner who has not been issued an Alien Registration Card by KIS, personal authentication is unavailable. After issuance, it typically takes a couple of days for an Alien Registration Card to be registered. Please try again after a couple of days.
  • 2. In cases when a user’s information has been entered incorrectly
    • User information needs to be entered exactly as it is written on identification cards including Alien Registration Cards issued by KIS.